Removal of Moss and Algae, Re-Pointing and Minor Repairs to give Your Roof a New Look

Prevention is not only better but far cheaper than the cure! With over 25 years experience in roofing, we are only too aware that lack of maintenance can result in major problems including premature degrading of the roof covering, dampness, leaks and may even invalidate your roof covering guarantee. When the condition of a roof is ignored, it can be expected to fail before it reaches half its design life. When inspections are carried out regularly as part of a planned maintenance programme, small defects can be detected and repaired before they turn into major failures.

Clean, Repair, Protect and Care. We restore your roof to pristine condition by using proven methods guaranteed to keep your roof looking its best all year round, for up to 10 years.

Walsall roofing Specialists go to greater lengths in terms of service to satisfy the needs of our customers. We guarantee a safe and quality roofing job for most, if not all, roofing problems.